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Daily Water Use Per Resident

Daily Water Use Per Resident

What does this measure?

The average amount of water used daily in a geographic area, expressed as a rate per person.

Why is this important?

Increasingly, communities are struggling to maintain supplies of water that are clean, healthy, and affordable. High water usage may make a region more vulnerable to future water shortages or droughts.

How is our county doing?

At a daily average of 54 gallons, Essex County used more water per capita in 2015 than the state, which had a rate of 51 gallons per capita. From 2005 to 2015, Essex County water usage rates decreased by 26 gallons per capita daily, similar to the state decrease over the same timeframe. Nationally, the usage rate was higher than Essex County, at 72 gallons per capita, daily.

How do we compare to similar counties?

The rate of water usage per capita in Essex County was equal to the rate in Middlesex, MA (54 gallons) and lower than both Westchester, NY and Lake, IL (72 and 70 gallons respectively). All counties had a decrease in usage since 2005.

Notes about the data

Rates only include residential use. Data on water use types not available prior to 2005.

Daily Water Use Per Resident
Essex County, MA805754
Middlesex County, MA805654
Lake County, IL797070
Westchester County, NY977372

Source: U.S. Geological Survey
Notes: Rate is gallons used per resident per day.

Total Gallons of Water Used per Day
Essex County, MA58,830,00042,170,00041,920,000
Middlesex County, MA116,250,00084,160,00085,180,000
Lake County, IL55,430,00049,320,00049,360,000
Westchester County, NY91,060,00068,930,00070,010,000

Source: U.S. Geological Survey