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Change in Average Salary

Change in Average Salary

What does this measure?

The cumulative percentage change in average salary since 2000.

Why is this important?

Salaries are a gauge of overall economic health and a measure of the degree to which employees are sharing in the prosperity of a community. They also indicate the vitality of a region and its ability to compete and attract workers.

How is our county doing?

TThe total average salary in Essex County has increased 4% between 2000 and 2017. This compares to growth of 11% in the state and 10% in the nation. Essex County had an average salary of $58,200 in 2017.

How do we compare to other counties?

Essex County's change in average salary was below the comparison counties. The comparison counties had increases of 8% to 20%. Middlesex, MA had the highest average salary ($83,000), followed by Lake County, IL ($73,000) and Westchester, NY ($72,000).

Notes about the data

Data are presented in constant 2017 dollars. Worker salaries are reported by place of work, not residence. Data for this indicator are expected to be released in the third quarter.

Change in Average Salary
Essex County, MAN/A-3%-4%-2%-2%-2%-1%-0%-2%-2%-1%-1%-2%-2%-0%2%2%4%
Middlesex County, MAN/A-4%-6%-6%-3%-3%-2%1%-1%-0%3%4%3%3%5%10%9%11%
Lake County, ILN/A0%3%2%3%2%5%12%6%7%9%10%13%13%16%24%19%20%
Westchester County, NYN/A2%0%0%4%5%7%10%7%6%8%6%7%5%6%9%7%8%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Average Total Salary
Essex County, MA$55,810$54,314$53,718$54,799$54,469$54,573$55,010$55,674$54,572$54,803$55,447$55,456$54,933$54,961$55,772$56,939$57,201$58,191
Middlesex County, MA$74,639$71,604$69,858$70,441$72,556$72,257$72,819$75,507$74,187$74,414$76,522$77,375$77,061$77,011$78,066$81,937$81,334$82,504
Lake County, IL$60,686$60,859$62,267$61,683$62,506$61,769$63,581$67,716$64,553$64,767$66,384$66,876$68,284$68,800$70,178$74,979$72,303$72,533
Westchester County, NY$66,363$67,427$66,454$66,561$69,236$69,832$71,289$72,953$70,769$70,103$71,895$70,331$70,735$69,970$70,607$72,083$70,881$71,576

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Notes: Figures are in constant 2017 dollars. N/A - Data not available or not disclosed.