Cancer Mortality Rate

Cancer Mortality Rate

What does this measure?

The age-adjusted mortality rate due to cancer per 10,000 residents of a region.

Why is this important?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and the leading cause of death in Massachusetts. High mortality rates can indicate high overall rates of cancer or challenges to diagnosing and effectively treating cancer.

How is our county doing?

In 2016, Essex County's cancer mortality rate was 14 deaths per 10,000 residents, slightly below the state (15) and national rate of 16 per 10,000. The rate in Essex decreased from 21 in 2000, similar to state and national declines.

How do we compare to similar counties?

Essex County was a bit above Westchester, NY at 13 cancer deaths per 10,000 residents, equal to Middlesex (14) and below Westchester, NY at 13. All areas showed a steady decline in cancer-related deaths, with a decrease of around 5 deaths per 10,000 from 2000.

Notes about the data

Rates have been adjusted for differences in age and gender among the geographies.

Cancer Mortality Rate
Essex County, MA2120212019191918181716171615151514
Middlesex County, MA2020201819181817171717161615151414
Lake County, IL2019191918181818171616161715151516
Westchester County, NY1918171717161716151515151314141313

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Notes: Rate per 10,000 residents. Numbers are age-adjusted.

Cancer Deaths
Essex County, MA1,6231,6121,6721,6251,5431,5341,5541,5461,5191,5241,4691,4911,4911,4111,4711,4541,407
Middlesex County, MA3,0063,0032,9762,7852,8562,8672,8372,6362,7182,7182,7562,7612,6872,6902,6242,5852,661
Lake County, IL9549339739859731,0051,0171,0531,0341,0161,0131,0121,1411,0461,0401,0971,174
Westchester County, NY1,8821,8411,7961,8351,8251,7621,8081,7291,7201,7471,7701,7301,6081,7271,7001,6681,671

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention